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Self-Leveling Mortar


SLM-311 is a pre-mixed cementitious powder which easily mixed with water to produce free-flowing, self-leveling mortar and create smooth, flat surface with excellent durability of underlayment floor.


Features and Benefits

  • Free-flowing, self-leveling and pumpable
  • Thickness, from feather edge to 25 mm in one pour
  • Long heal times for extended workability
  • Economical and easy to use



1.    Leveling surface of uneven concrete floor prior to installation of floor coverings such as wood parquet, wood laminated floor, vinyl tile, carpet, epoxy/polyurethane coating, etc.

2.    Re-surfacing of spall concrete and rough surface to obtain smooth and level floor.


Application Instruction

  1.    Surface Preparation

o   Surface shall be clean and free from debris, dirt, oil, paint, grease, adhesives, paint, sealer or curing compound. If need, the surface shall be clean by water, manually rubbed/scraped and mechanically abraded

  • Set the bench mark as required for the floor elevation/level to be adjusted.
  • Wetting/Soaking the substrate surface with water prior to floor leveling.
  2. Base Coat with BC-310 or Priming with C-Bonding prior to topping with SLM-311

2.1  Base Coat with BC-310 to floor substrate
o Add water approx.6 liters into plastic bucket/ pail and subsequently pour one bag of BC-310. Mixing by drilled mixer/ pan mixer for consistency of mixtures about 5-10 minutes.
o Pour BC-310 mortar on the floor to be leveled.
o Using aluminum straight edge/steel trowel to spread for covering thin layer 2-3 mm of all floor area



      2.2 Priming with C-Bonding as bonding agent to the floor substrate

o Prime the surface area with DURAMIX C-Bonding and allow the primer to be absorbed into the substrate. Removing any excessive puddle of C-Bonding.


  3. Mixing

o Add water approx.4 liters into plastic bucket/container. Subsequently pour one bag of SLM-311 and mixing while SLM-311 is poured. Mixing by drilled mixer/pan mixer about 5-10 minutes for creamy mixtures. Be sure for not adding water more than 4.25 litres/ 20 kgs/ bag of SLM-311.


  4. Placing

o Pour SLM-311 mortar on the floor to be leveled while BC-310 (as base coat) is still wet/damp or C-Bonding (as bonding agent) is still tacky.
o Using aluminum straight edge and steel trowel to spread SLM -311all over floor area
o Best result will be achieved for continuous pour. The use of spike roller/comb trowel may be necessary to achieve a smooth transition from one mixture pour to the next


  Limitations                i. The underlayment of above mentioned floor will be ready for foot traffic in 16 hours.
                                   ii. Never mix SLM-311 with additional cement or admixtures
           Coverage Area        Approx 1.3 Sq.M/ 20 Kgs/ Bag for 1 cm. thickness
  Packaging                20 Kgs/Bag 
  Packaging                Keep in the shade and dry area




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