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D- Grout GP 551

 D- Grout GP 551
Non-Shrink Cementitious Grout

GP 551 is a general purpose, ready to use, non-ferrous and non-shrink grout,
pre-mixed Portland cement, graded fillers and high quality chemical additives.

GP-551 exhibits good flowability, self-leveling, low water requirement and high compressive strength.
Features & Benefits
  • Non-shrink and dimensionally stable
  • High flowability and self-leveling characteristics 
  • No bleeding
  • No chlorides and non-corrosive. Non-ferrous, no staining
  • Low water/cement ratio providing high compressive strength grout
  • No metallic iron content to cause staining
  • General purpose grouting
  • Grouting concrete structure such as column, beam and wall
  • Filling core holes and void in pre-cast concrete
  • Cavities filling for column base plate
  • Grouting machine base plate and anchor bolts
Application Instructions
i. Surface Preparationand Formwork
Concrete surface must be cleaned, free from oil, grease, dirt, rust on base plate or any loose material. Bolts or anchor bolts holes must be clean and blown out with air. Standing of excess water shall removed prior to grout placement.
ii. Pre-soaking

Soak the substrate surface with water 4 hours prior to grouting. Immediately before poring grout, excess water shall be removed.

iii. Formwork
Formwork shall be securely anchored and sealed to prevent grout leakage. Formwork shall be allowed gravity flow. Air vent shall be provided
to prevent air lock during grout pouring and ensure that grout is filled up and full contact with substrate
iv. Mixing
Pour water approx 4-5 liters into the mixer. Start with 4 liters of water poring into mixer (mixing container) and slowly add grout 1 bag (25 Kgs),
increase water as deem necessary for required flowability. Continue mixing about 5 minutes for uniformity.
Note: Do not use water more than 5 liters per 25 Kgs/bag of grout.
v. Placement
Flowable grout shall be continuously poured from one side only to avoid air lock Air vent shall be provided to avoid entrapped air pocket.
If grouting thickness is over 3”, gravel of ¼”-3/8” can be added for 5 kgs per bag of grout.
vi. Curing
Remove formwork 24 hours after placement; continue to cure grout at least 3 days with damp burlap, plastic sheet or curing compound.
Packaging     20 Kgs/Bag
Storage         Keep in shade and dry area
Test Standard: ASTM C-109
Compressive Strength
1 day (N/mm2)
Compressive Strength
7 days (N/mm2)
Compressive Strength
28 days (N/mm2)


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