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HD-520 is a non-metallic floor hardener, grey color, consisting of Portland cement, finely graded quartz-silica, cement binder, high quality chemicals. It is an economical floor hardener recommended for both interior and exterior use.

HD-520 is hard and durable surface, particularly valuable for wear and abrasion resistance of concrete floor.

       Features and Benefits

  • Ready-to-use factory blend for pre-mixed floor hardener.
  • Cost effective and long term durable floor
  • Hardens concrete floor to suit working environment
  • Hard surface for wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Smooth surface minimize dusting and provide area of easy to clean surface.



The selected aggregates in the composition of HD-520 have a hardness value of 7 Mohs scale


  • Areas required concrete hardening floor.
  • Factory and warehouse floors
  • Commercial and industrial facilities
  • Auto show rooms and service centers
  • Car Park and Workshop
  • Recommended use is 5 Kgs/Sq.

Application Instruction

1. Leveling the substrate  

Leveling and smoothening the poured concrete by troweling.
2. Broadcasting
  • Test the concrete slab whether it is ready for broadcasting floor hardener.
  • The poured concrete slab is ready for broadcasting when the poured concrete is slightly marked of foot print by walking on freshly poured concrete floor
  • Apply the shake as evenly as possible and in several applications for maximum uniformity.

3. Compaction ,Smoothing and polishing

  • Allow the first shake of floor hardener powder becomes moistened from water in concrete slab. Using machine equipped with pan trowel to compact and smoothing the floor
  • Repeat the second operations till no water in the concrete slab is floating
  • Final polishing the slab with the machine equipped with steel blade trowel and repeat the polishing till the floor surface is polished as required
Packaging 25 Kgs/Bag with inner polyethylene bag for moisture protection
Storage Keep in shaded and dry area



Illustration of HD-520 application using copter


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