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Duramix BC-310


BC-310 is pre-mixed cementitious product consisting of Portland cement Type1, uniformly fine binder and high quality additives. BC-310 is semi-self-leveling mortar and cost effective for floor leveling adjustment before laying floor laminate/vinyl tile.
BC-310 is also used as intermediate bonding with polished concrete floor/substrate prior to topping with  self-leveling mortar/non-shrink grout.
Crack repair on spall/crack on polished concrete floor/floor hardener. Applying as base coat prior to skim coat finishing.

Features and Benefits

  • High water retention promoting hydration of cement, thus eliminating cracks
  • High bonding strength to the polished concrete floor
  • Improve workability
  • Non-sagging 
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
1.     Base coat for floor leveling adjustment before laying of floor laminate/vinyl tile
2.     Repair of spall/crack/uneven on concrete polished floor/concrete floor hardener
Application Instruction
1.    Base coat for floor leveling adjustment (1-5 mm) on polished concrete floor prior to laying of floor laminate/vinyl tile
o   Set and mark the adjusted floor level as required elevation
o   Clean debris/dirt on floor area. Wetting/Soaking the substrate surface with waterprior tofloor leveling
o   Add water approx.6 liters into plastic bucket/container and subsequently pour one bag of BC-310. Mixing by drilled mixer for consistency of mixtures about 5-10 minutes
o   Pourmortar on the floor to be leveled
o   Floor adjustment thicker than 5 mm should be made by applying BC-310 for about 2-3 mm for bonding with substrate, subsequently topping with Self Leveling Mortar DURAMIX SLM-311.
o   Using aluminum straight edge and steel trowel to apply floor leveling adjustment.
o   Smoothen the surface by using steel trowel when the floor surface is ready for smooth finishing(slightly mark of finger print when press on floor)
o   Surface hardening can be increased bycuring with water after mortar is set or using D-Cryst to spray on surface 7 days after the mortar is set to crystallize and hardening the surface of mortar
2.     Repair of spall/crack/uneven on concrete polished floor/concrete floor hardener
o   Roughen the surface area by mechanical hand tool
o   Clean dirt/debris. Soaking the area with water.
o   Remove excess water
o   Mix BC-310 as per instructions (1) and pour on the area to be repaired.
o   Check the surface of poured mortar BC-310 whether it is ready for broadcasting floor hardener HD-520 by pressing hand finger.
o   When it is slightly marked of finger print, start applying floor hardener HD-520 as evenly as possible for uniformity
o   Smoothening/Polishing by hand using steel trowel
Coverage Area Approx 12 Sq.M./ 20 Kgs/ Bag for 1mm. thickness
Packaging 20 Kgs/ Bag 
Storage Keep in the shade and dry area



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