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Plastering Mortar BPM-400

Plastering Mortar for Cement Block/Brick/CLC


DURAMIX-BPM 400 is pre-mixed mortar consisting of Portland cement, graded sand and crushed stone and additives. The product is ready-to-use for plastering on clay brick     sand-cement block and Cellular Lightweight Block (CLC).                                                                          

Features and Benefits

High quality additives enhancing mortar properties

  Improve water retention to eliminate crack on plastering wall

  Good workability to apply plastering mortar

  Graded sand and crushed stone for fine finished texture

 Plastering on clay brick and sand-cement block
 Plastering on Cellular Light Weight Block (CLC)


Application Instructions

 I.   Plastering with DURAMIX BPM-400

  • Clean the surface area and soak with water prior to apply plastering. Moisture/water absorbed on the substrate will promote complete hydration of plastering mortar. More soaking water is required when plastering on CLC since its porosity and tiny void in the CLC block will absorb more water than clay brick and sand-cement block
  • Mixing 1 bag/40 kgs of BPM 400 with approx 10 litres of water in mechanical mixer about 10-15 minutes. Mixing by hand using shovel is not recommended due to inconsistency mixing of chemicals in mortar
  • Apply plastering by wood or plastic trowel. Surface will be sand texture finished

II.   Fine finishing by top coat with Skim Coat product SC-333/334 or SC-335

  • After plastering by BPM-400 as base coat, subsequently apply skim coat for smooth finishing



Approx  2.5 Sq.M./40 kgs bag for 1 cm. thickness


40 Kgs/Bag (Woven PP Bag with inner bag of PE)


Keep in dry area and avoid moisture      



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