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DURABONDER is modified co-polymer specially designed and synthesized for construction applications. The co-polymer is milky white liquid, which will be dried to a clear film upon evaporation. The modified co-polymer demonstrates excellent water and alkaline resistance. It embodies excellent bonding and elasticity.

This synergistic properties is suitable for flexible and waterproofing coating, clear coating for waterproofing surface, bonding of new-old concrete surface, bonding prior to plastering on concrete surface, crack/gap filling, waterproofing prior to tile laying where the waterproofing is prime importance.


  • Excellent cement compatibility
  • Excellent water and alkaline resistance
  • Excellent bonding and elasticity
  • Adhesion to concrete surface using steel for formwork ( 10 ksc)
  • Elongation at break > 300 % and withstand UV
  • Larger amount of DURABONDER mixing with cement exhibits better elongation, adhesion and waterproofing

Application Areas

  • Internal and external wet area such as concrete roof deck, bathroom, balconies, terrace, gutters, canopies, water tank, swimming pool, slab, wall
  • Between joint of pre-cast panels
  • Damp and leak through light weight block after plastering finish can be protected by directly  applying on  exterior wall prior to painting  such as around window frame and light-weight block wall attached to the beam which  contraction of mortar patching is likely occurred
  • Waterproofing between the joint of two pre-cast panels


  • Clear coat for waterproofing system and alkaline resistance directly applied by brush
  • 2 components waterproofing system consisting of DURABONDER and cement.
  • Waterproofing between two pre-cast panels joint.
  • Waterproofing prior to tile laying
Instructions for Application  

1. Surface Preparation


Surface must  be clean and free from dirt, oil and grease. Final
washing with water is recommended.
Crack over 2 mm shall be pre-sealed with epoxy putty prior to
apply DURABONDER for waterproofing application
2. Application  
a) Single component waterproofing
& Alkaline Resistance 
DURABONDER 4 parts mixing with water 1 part, Apply by
brush  2-3 coats for clear coat waterproofing and alkaline
b) Flexible membrane Waterproofing DURABONDER : Part B (WP-B) cement : water 1:1 : 0.25  OR
1:2 : 0.5     Apply by brush or roller for 2-3 coats
c) Two-components Waterproofing Apply by brush or roller
DURABONDER:  Part B (WP-B) cement: water (1:3:0.75) for 2-3 coats
DURABONDER:  Part B (WP-B) cement:  water (1:5:1) for 2-3 coats
Note: Depending on degree of elasticity and waterproofing required.
Higher DURABONDER in the mix providing more flexible and reliable waterproof coating
d) Waterproofing between joint of two pre-cast panels DURABONDER:  Part B (WP-B) cement: water  1:  5:1  or directly apply by brush or roller between the joint on exterior wall
e) Waterproofing prior to tile laying DURABONDER: Part B (WP-B) cement: water  (1:5:1); apply
by brush or roller  2-3 coats prior to tile laying
f) Bonding old and new concrete 1-2 coats applying by brush or roller before concrete pouring
g) Bonding prior to plastering 1-2 coats applying by brush or roller prior to plastering

Coverage Area 
 i) 2 components waterproofing system DURABONDER 1 Ltr + Cement 3 Kgs + Water 0.75 Kgs.
    Applying 2-3 coats, covering 2-3 Sq.M.
ii) 8-10 Sq.M/coat/Ltr DURABONDER for bonding of base coat prior to plastering on concrete surface

Note: Water quantity mixed with DURABONDER + mixed cement is adjustable to suit workability for coating by roller brush



Store inside the warehouse and avoid direct sunlight.
Keep the packaging cap tightly sealed.

Shelf Life

1 year after delivery


Part B (WP-B) Special Blended Cement 20 Kgs/Bag
Typical Properties
Total Solids, % by wt : 56 ± 1
pH Value : 7.5 – 9.0
Brookfield Viscosity
(LVT Spindle no.3/ 60 rpm @ 26°C) 
: 200 – 1500
Specific Gravity : Approx. 1.05
Latex appearance : Milky white
Dry film appearance : Clear and tacky
Particle Size  : Approx. 0.35 micron
Glass transition temperature, midpoint : Approx. -8°C
Minimum filming temperature : <1°C
Brookfield viscosity (Spindle no.4 / 60 rpm)                           : 8000 cps
Tensile strength (after 7 days ambient curing)                      : 2.50 N/mm2
Elongation at break (after 7 days ambient curing)                 : 360%
Tear resistance (ASTM D-624)                                              : 9.8 kN/m
Crack Bridging test (ASTM C-884)                                         : No delamination from the concrete block and cracks 
                                                                                              were observed in the concrete block near the interface
Water vapor permeability (ASTM D1653)                               : 0.043 per inch
Adhesion to steel (pull-off strength), ASTM D-4541               : 4.5 N/mm2
Adhesion to asbestos board                                                   : 1 N/mm2
Adhesion to asbestos board after exposure to QUV for 500 hours: 1.2 N/mm2


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